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Made in the UK with sustainably sourced wool

Meet The Maker

Hi, I’m Beth (pictured here in my best knitted get up), founder and creator of all things woolly at Off The Wool. I set up OTW to give everyone the freedom to create custom pieces of knitwear to suit their unique style.

All hats, scarves and homeware are made by yours truly, please feel free to contact me here for any custom requests or questions about your order.

The Wool

Highland Peruvian

All woolly hats and scarves are handmade with the highest quality, uniquely thick yarn, made from Peruvian Highland wool. The Peruvian Highland sheep is a cross breed of Merino and Corriedale, so is naturally soft and non-itchy, whilst being strong and durable. Not only is this yarn wonderfully warm, this natural material is renewable and biodegradable!

British Masham

Our Giant Wool Yarn is proudly made from 100% British Wool, produced in Yorkshire to support our amazing farmers and manufacturers here in the UK! Mashams have been bred for over a century on the hills of Northern England. These sheep are commonly bred with Teeswater rams, renowned for their fine wool and long-stapled fleece, with Dalesbred or Swaledale ewes.

Care For Your Knitwear

Your woolly knits may need some TLC from time to time and a little extra care is needed for such precious material.

Always hand wash your garments in cold – luke warm water.

Use neutral soap or wool detergent and never use bleach.

Do not tumble dry or wring out excess water.

Dry flat, away from direct sunlight to keep it’s shape and colour for longer.

P.S If you hang your knitwear to dry or store on a peg, they may stretch, so always store folded.

Knitting & Wellbeing

Apart from being super cool, knitting has tons of unexpected benefits for your body and mind.

It has been proven that knitting can have the same effects as meditation, once you get the hang of things. The rhythmic, repetitive motion can be extremely relaxing, putting you in a trance like state.

Sitting down and focusing on a knitting project can lower your heart rate and blood pressure which can reduce symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression. It can even help with insomnia.

Knitting can help prevent arthritis and tendinitis. The gentle movement will build up the cartilage in your fingers and just like your brain, the more you use your joints, the stronger they become.

Knitting stimulates almost the whole brain at once and keeps it healthy. The more it is stimulated, the healthier it becomes and the longer it lasts. As a result, knitting can improve your memory and motor functions.