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Giant Crochet Cushions


Made with our beautifully British Masham wool yarn, these crochet cushions will add style to any room! Give your seating a fresh new look while adding comfort with our amazingly soft giant wool.

We proudly use our own jumbo yarn made from British bred fleeces for our giant crochet cushions – produced in Yorkshire to support our local textile and farming industries here in the UK. Similar cushions are commonly found to be made with wool such as Merino, however the Merino sheep can not be bred in Britain as they need a much hotter climate. Masham wool provides the perfect British alternative for giant crochet cushions, with it’s exceptional quality and softness in it’s un-spun form.

We’re so confindent that you’ll love our Masham wool yarn, we are offering FREE SAMPLES… order yours here!

Our giant crochet cushions measure 34cm in diameter, come in 5 colours and are available as single cushions or a pack of 4. All cushions are handmade with a 1-2 week turnaroundtime.

If you’d like to make your own giant crochet cushions, CLICK HERE to buy our giant wool yarn.

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Cushion Colour

Teal, Ecru, Pink, Grey, Orange


Single Cushion, Pack of 4